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Whenever insurance is involved, verifying eligibility and securing authorization for payments are critical elements in the process.


Data errors, denied claims, and fraudulent declarations can dampen the spirits of any practice. Worse yet, it can lead to a loss of precious time, energy, and revenue. These are problems that no practice wants to face, but are sometimes hard to avoid. Sometimes, both patients and payers can be tough to deal with. It requires robust methods and dedicated systems to handle these simultaneous problems. 

Without a transparent and efficient process, here are a few of the many issues you may encounter:


  1. Denial of claims because of non-coverage, missing information, unnecessary requests, etc. 
  2. Delay in payments due to miscoding, miscommunication, etc. 
  3. Need for resubmission of claims because of initial rejection. 
  4. Rejections that arise from various ineligibility issues in/from the patient. 
  5. Dissatisfied patients and decrease in productivity.

These and many other related issues can plague your practice if you don’t have an efficient verification and authorization system. And it takes a lot of meticulous work. It’s a process that consumes time, resources, and energy. We offer you our full expertise in helping you prevent these problems. Furthermore, our methods aim to enhance your existing systems.


Here at Medvantis, we believe in a shared vision. When you partner with us, your targets become our targets. We’ll take over all the hassles of verifying and seeking authorization. It includes the mobilizing of data, coordination, and facilitation till the end. It’s a role we excel at and a responsibility we take seriously.


Our overall approach is to secure your reimbursements and make your work easier.


Here’s a brief overview:


  1. We receive full details of the patient’s schedules (EDI, emails, fax, texts, FTP files, etc.) 
  2. Next, we carry out a patient enrollment process. It covers prior authorizations and demographic data. 
  3. We verify both primary and secondary payers (Relevant IDs, deductibles, information, etc.) 
  4. We choose and use the most professional and efficient approach to connecting with the payer. Here, we secure the payer’s agreement in signing off the claims. 
  5. Next, we get in touch with the patient for additional and relevant information. Any invalid or missing information gets rectified during this process. 
  6. Then, we use both manual and RPA tools to verify the case’s eligibility in all its aspects. 
  7. Finally, we’ll rationalize all this information and update the details on the billing system. 

We believe that your time is valuable. As such, we focus on the timely delivery of both information and results. The intricate process of verification and authorization includes a lot of steps and actions. Each of these actions can affect the whole approach in more ways than one. Therefore, it’s crucial to confront it with proven tactics and efficient workflows. 


At Medvantis, we pride ourselves on delivering this skill and expertise to our partners. Come join us as we seek to:

  • Streamline your cash flow
  • Reduce denials & rejections
  • Collaborate effectively with patient & payer
  • Improve patient fulfillment
  • Enhance your revenue & productivity.

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