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Precise and accurate medical billing is the key to a balanced revenue cycle. If the medical billing is not done correctly, it can lead to mismanagement, and a healthcare practitioner incurs enormous losses. For this, medical professionals turn to leading medical billing companies in Minnesota to maximize revenues and minimize errors.

Medvantis is a trusted and leading medical billing company in Minnesota. It offers its end-to-end medical billing services with in-depth industry knowledge and an impressive track record of medical services and claim processes at the best prices. Hiring our professional team eliminates the need for an in-house medical billing team. It saves time, money, and effort so that you can concentrate on delivering the best healthcare services to your patients.

Medvantis - Medical Billing Service Minnesota

Provider Enrolment and Credentialing

The process of availing of provider enrolment and credentialing is a tedious process that involves many steps of verification and submissions to the payer and needs follow-ups to track the status. The method of provider credentialing is vital as it allows patients to use insurance to pay for the medical services they availed, and the insurance company reimburses the healthcare provider. Medvantis help healthcare practitioners get enrolled and credentialed quicker as we are well-versed with the insurance company’s policies and procedures. 

Eligibility Verification/Pre-Certification

The absence of accurate checking and verification before rendering services can lead to leakages in the revenue cycle due to denied claims or rejected claims. To eliminate this risk, checking the scope of the coverage and benefits before rendering services to patients is crucial. Our team of highly qualified professionals handles the eligibility and verification of coverage through a standardized process that ensures a quick turnaround. Our accurate and fast verification process, with effective communication with the insurance payer, ensures optimal revenue and improved cash flow. 

CPT-ICD-10 Coding

Coding is an essential aspect of the revenue cycle that must be done without errors or inaccuracy to avoid any AR backlogs or turnaround time. The revenue cycle of the healthcare practitioner relies heavily on accurate coding and reporting, with our team of expert coders that use time-tested and accurate coding that improves and provides an optimal revenue cycle and reduces AR. By availing of our experienced coding services, you save money on hiring in-house coders who can be expensive and challenging to retain. Our highly professional coders are especially deployed and trained for accurate and precise coding to help manage your revenue cycle and avoid financial losses. 

Claims Transmission

A medical billing company ensures that claims are submitted without errors and provides their client with maximum reimbursement. Any data errors or coding errors can lead to rejection, denial, or delayed reimbursement. Medvantis help streamline the medical billing process by submitting accurate data to ensure maximum reimbursements, reduce denied claims, and improve the AR cycle. 

Payment Posting

The payment process provides insight into the revenue cycle and revenue leakages. This process helps to detect any errors and quickly rectify those errors. With Medvantis, our dedicated teams provide with smooth and efficient payment posting process and payment collections. Our team also provides reasons for denied claims and resubmissions to avoid AR backlogs and insights into incoming payments and profits.

Accounts Receivable Follow-up/Denial Management

Our well-versed professional team assesses denied claims with AR follow-up and helps clients get maximum reimbursements. We strive for a clean claim to provide higher reimbursements and reduce AR. Our team conducts in-depth AR analysis to reduce denied claims, write-offs, and counteractive measures for non-payment of claims. A robust follow-up is taken for a precise collection and improving cash flow cycle. 

Why choose us?

For the healthcare professional, the ultimate goal must be providing the highest standard of healthcare facilities to their patients and fulfilling their duty with utmost dedication. This can be done by assigning the medical billing process to a trusted medical billing company in Minnesota.

Medvantis helps its clients generate healthy cash flow and maximize profits by leveraging their years of experience and in-depth knowledge of medical billing. Our end-to-end medical billing solution manages the revenue cycle to ensure maximum reimbursement, optimize workflow, earn higher revenue, and improve productivity. Our core focus is helping clients improve their financial aspects so that they have the freedom to concentrate on patient care with our cloud-based all-in-one medical billing solution.

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