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Nowadays, most physicians find their medical practice or facilities generating expected but are not realizing the same and desired growth in their recurring cash flow.


To avoid significant loss of revenue, a healthcare organization or a medical billing company should take care of one of their most important tasks known as AR follow up . Many face a lot of challenges while dealing with their AR follow up in Medical billing. 


At Medvantis, our primary goal is to reduce the time of AR follow up in healthcare with regular standard follow-up of pending claims. Our highly-trained accounts follow up team members creates and delivers a strategy with the right approach by conducting a detailed analysis of pending accounts receivables with regular follow up of insurance providers and patients. 


We proactively follow up with insurance companies on all those claims that are pending for more than 30 days to settle payment and improve the desired cash flow. Therefore, this will result in more open claims and all denials will be settled in a timely manner.


Our team members are experienced and well-trained individuals in the medical billing process as our collectors. Most of these associates have years of experience in medical billing collections and coding.


The 3 Stages of Medical Billing A/R Follow-up

Most of the medical billing specialists perform the A/R follow-up in a very systematic manner, which is usually conducted in three stages:

Stage 1: Initial Evaluation

This stage involves the identification and analysis of the claims listed on the A/R aging report. The team reviews the provider’s policy and identifies which claims need to be adjusted off. 

Additional claims may be identified once the analysis of timely filing limits is conducted.


Stage 2: Analysis and Prioritizing

This phase is initiated once the claims are identified which are marked as uncollectible or for claims where the carrier has not paid according to its contracted rate with the healthcare provider.


Stage 3: Collection

The claims identified to be within the filing limit of the carrier are re-filed after verifying all the necessary billing information such as claims processing address and conformation to other medical billing rules. After completing the posting of payment details for outstanding claims, patient bills are generated as per the client guidelines and then followed up with the patients for payments. 

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