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Medical Billing Company Texas

It has become common practice to outsource the medical billing of healthcare practitioners; however, it is crucial to have a trusted medical billing company as your outsourcing partner. When Healthcare professionals avail medical billing services in Texas, it works as a strategic advantage and helps them devote time & efforts to more essential aspects, which are patients.

Medvantis is a result-oriented and technology-driven medical billing company in Texas which provides innovative solutions that ensure high ROI, maximum reimbursement and improved revenue cycle operations. Our end-to-end medical billing services ensure that your front desk office and our team of medical billers are always on the same page. By partnering with Medvantis, you get an avenue to our expert team, which works as an extended part of your team. We are committed to offering cost-effective medical billing services that optimize performance with Technology-led and data-driven solutions.

Medical Billing Services in Medvantis

Medvantis offers following end-to-end Medical Billing Services in Texas

Provider Enrollment and Credentialing:

It is crucial for a medical practitioner to get credential themselves, and get enrolled with become part of the insurance networks and get authorized to offer services to the patients that are part of insurance network. This process of credentialing validates that a healthcare practitioner meets the standards for offering clinical care. Insurance payers may refuse reimbursement to healthcare professionals that are not credentialed and enrolled. Medvantis helps you get credentialed faster and improves your cash flows.

Eligibility Verification/Pre-certification:

Checking patient’s eligibility, before services are rendered is one of the most neglected aspects of the revenue cycle chain. It is important to verify a patient’s eligibility before rendering services, as inaccurate eligibility verification results in denied claims, delayed payments or non-payment of claims and this impact the revenue cycle. Medvantis offers accurate and error-free verification before the services are offered. Our efficient team ensures reduction in claim denials by verifying the coverage of benefits and helps to accelerate the cash flow.

CPT & ICD-10 Coding:

High-quality coding services are vital for accurate and precise reimbursement. The medical coding is a process of applying universal alphanumerical codes to the medical services rendered. Professional medical coders use various medical coding terminologies for various medical diagnosis and procedures. Inaccurate coding can prove to be expensive and claim denials. Medvantis teams of experienced coders ensure the highest level of accuracy in medical coding and meet the insurance payer specific coding.  Our coding team ensures error-free coding, reduction in AR backlogs and improved revenue cycle.

Claims Transmission:

Before submission of claims to the payer, it needs to be assessed thoroughly to avoid denied or rejected claims. The claim data is reviewed and the integrity of the data is checked by our professional team before submitting to the insurance party. With our integrated cloud-based platform, we ensure the claim data is accurate and thoroughly reviewed to avoid claim denials or rejections, thus reducing the AR and gaining higher reimbursements.

Payment Posting:

Payment posting process is a reflection of your revenue cycle and its effectiveness. This process helps health practitioners understand reimbursement trends and conduct analysis. The payment posting process needs to be performed by a competent medical billing service provider for high accuracy and ensuring improved revenue cycle. Our team takes care of patient payments, insurance posting and denial posting which improves responsiveness and prevents financial loss caused due to inaccurate data or errors.

Accounts Receivable Follow-Up / Denial Management:

We help healthcare professionals reduce AR with our follow-up services, which let healthcare providers understand the delays in AR and coordinates with the insurance company. Our AR follow-up specialists’ uses automation and web portals, to coordinate with the insurance company to track the claim status, refilling denied claims to ensure maximize reimbursement to reduce the days of AR and improve collections.

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At Medvantis, we are committed to providing full-fledged medical billing services in Texas that help healthcare professional’s get maximum reimbursement and high ROI. Our core focus has always been to help clients boost their performance and improve the revenue cycle by offering end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions at the best prices.

Our cherished clients trust us for their medical billing and other service requirements due to our comprehensive, seamless technology and automated analysis. Our expertise lies in offering the best quality medical billing solutions to help optimize your revenue efficiently; from the scheduling to denial management and reporting, all medical billing requirements are handled under one roof. We help improve healthcare practitioner’s cash flow consistently with the highest level of accuracy to deliver the best results.

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