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Medvantis offers following end-to-end Medical Billing Services

Imagine having large cash flow problems because of a tiny error, such as adding an extra digit to the actual amount. Well, that’s unfortunately what many medical practices and organizations face.


And we understand your problem. Medical billing processes can be overwhelming with a tsunami of claims to process. Errors are unavoidable.


That’s why here at Medvantis, we make sure your practice doesn’t face such complications. Our work model takes care not to overlook wrong entries. Hence, we eliminate mistakes before they can even develop.


With our payment posting service, you will find it easier to focus on your practice. And no matter how minute the procedure may appear, you won’t be able to deny its crucial role in your RCM.


Here are a few reasons why choosing our payment posting service will not go in vain:

Most of the medical billing company in New York  perform the A/R follow-up in a very systematic manner, which is usually conducted in three stages:

1. Provide accuracy

Our priority is to make sure the whole process is accurate. The focus of our task is to post exact numbers and data. Hence, with us, you can be confident about the payment details and focus on what you do best.

2. Help assess your revenue cycle

With the accurate data we post, we can help you analyze your RCM. In doing so, you can study how the system works. And it will help you identify areas that need improvement. Our reports will enable you to efficiently steer your billing processes, add profit to your RCM, and increase patient satisfaction.

3. Routine reconciliation of EOBs and amounts posted

We make sure that the EOBs and ERAs match the payment before posting. We also daily post and maintain the deposits, credit card, and EFT payments- hence, keeping you and the patient on track.

4. Fix denials

Some of the many factors that can immensely affect your revenue are underpaid claims and denials. As practitioners, it takes an unfair toll on your payment as well. That’s why our coding and AR staff actively locates and rework denials before posting them to the concerned payer. We also make sure to maintain the proper method throughout the process.


Apart from only fixing denials, we also work towards reducing the time spent on them. By resolving various claims, the nature of the predicament becomes familiar. This, in turn, helps us manage denials quickly and progress even complicated billing procedures.

5. Patient responsibility

Insurance cannot cover all the charges. There are a few portions the patient will have to pay. However, segregating the amount can be tedious because even a slight mistake can confuse the billing process. And that is why; our payment posting service will prove to be quite useful. Medvantis – Medical Billing Company in Ohio recognizes and set aside the amount which the patient will have to bear. With our assistance, the billing process will be smooth. Plus, the patient will also trust and find this method convenient.

6. Accurate claims to secondary payers

Apart from primary insurance, some patients may also have other insurance support. These secondary payers will usually cover the patient responsibility amount. As part of our task, we will also make sure to file accurate claims to the secondary payers.

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